At times we can utilize R-CS as a method to support you in being the person you want to be, right now!

Re-Creation of the Self Model of Human Systems (R-CS)

"R-CS holds that we are innately whole, but typically create a “committee” of limiting trance states in order to accommodate difficult life situations.

The model not only describes our many inner resources, but offers a powerful set of tools both for shifting consciousness immediately, and for emerging from our perceptions of woundedness and the seeming need for constant strategizing. It also promotes a practical vision for relating from an inclusive, compassionate state of maturity and wholeness.

R-CS does not focus on the content of our beliefs, nor on the history of how we got to be who we are. Instead, it attends immediately to the awareness of which state of consciousness we are in. By inviting people to choose immediately to shift into a different state, R-CS provides seemingly magical relief from our painful feelings and self-critical attitudes. Because the essence of our Ideal Self is already present, therapy is seen not as an exploration and gradual healing of old wounds, but rather as the momentary self-implemented choice to embody an already existing preferred way of being.

As a clinical approach, then, while R-CS employs Hakomi Principles and techniques, it then nevertheless asserts that, unlike most process-oriented methodologies, we do not necessarily need to access and explore the history and content of our woundedness. Instead, holding that our beliefs, perception and behaviors are state-based expressions of neural patterns held in the nervous system and body, R-CS works to develop the ability to shift the limbically held state of consciousness we are in, but not explore or resolve the content of those states. This is because our outdated, though still triggered and experienced, perceptions of woundedness exist only as neurological dispositions to reoccur. Because they activate as frequently as they do, we tend to think of them as actual internal structures. By supporting the client to reorient his or her focus towards preferred self-perceptions, R-CS facilitates an instant shift in neural location, and allows the client to embody and reinforce immediately the preferred, already existent, being state of the integrated Self. In short,R-CS works to effect directly an immediate shift in both consciousness and "feeling state" [the limbic anchor of our sense of identity]. As long as the person remains in the preferred state, his or her perceptions, attitudes, behaviors and so on –his or her sense of identity— will be experienced as self-affirming. Of course, this neural relocation process requires practice and time to stabilize."

(Information from META Trainings, http://www.meta-trainings.com/r-cs)