Walk and Talk

Walk and Talk

Walk Therapy

These sessions take place outdoors where the therapist and client walk side by side during the journey of therapy. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  When is Walk and Talk therapy beneficial?

The science of walking enhances the "happy" brain chemicals released through endorphins.  Studies have show that increasing physical activity can support the reduction of symptoms of depression and anxiety.  Many people also find that walking with their counselor supports building a healthy relationship with a balanced/healthy active lifestyle.  Clients that are good candidates for this technique will be physically fit enough to walk with periodic breaks for 30-50 minutes.  Just as with all techniques in therapy, clients are able to discontinue and return to the office at any time.  

Candidates will be clients who feel comfortable discussing most portions of their treatment in open spaces where confidentiality cannot be guaranteed and they are not concerned about being seen with their therapist.  

Q: What about bad weather?

It is always the client’s choice to make the ‘weather call.’ The office is always an option.  Even though I’m a long time Portlander, I use an umbrella when needed!

Q: Is this a cardio workout or personal training?

No. The client sets the pace. The focus is on your processing, and not on exercise-although getting the blood moving connects the brain, and clients share that increasing movement in life is an added health benefit that they enjoy!

Q: Can I switch back to the office if I find I don’t enjoy this? Or can we alternate from week to week?

Absolutely! It is completely your choice to take the session outdoors for a Walk and Talk session, or to remain inside the office if that’s what you prefer. I completely respect your choice and honor what feels best to you.  There may also be times I advise we stay in office when the support that is needed is not best met during a walk.

Q: Where is the walking location? Where do we meet?

We will meet at my office as we normally do for a session.  From there we can walk through the Belmont Neighborhood and head over to Laurelhurst Park with more space to offer privacy and nature.  The route will be determined by taking into consideration the comfort and safety of both the therapist and client.  

Q: How long is the Walk and Talk session?

The session is the same, 60 minutes. The first 50 minutes are conducted walking and talking and the last 10 minutes in the office finishing up.

Q: Is there an additional cost for Walk and Talk therapy?

There is no additional cost; the fee you pay for your session is the same fee for Walk and Talk therapy.

Q: What about my confidentiality?

If by chance we happen to run into someone you know, then I will follow your lead and will never compromise your confidentiality. It is up to you to acknowledge me as your therapist if you choose to do so; the choice is completely up to you.  If someone I know says hello, my focus and support is on. Inside or outside the office, I will always maintain your confidentiality and will not acknowledge you to anyone as my client without your signed permission. The general public is used to seeing people walking together every day, it is a part of our normal routine. We are simply two people walking and talking; there is nothing overt that states that this is a therapy session

Q: Can I bring my dog?

Want to bring your dog?  Great.  Your pet can help you to feel more relaxed and comfortable.   For some clients it can be a distraction, so we will make a decision based on your circumstance.